Thursday, June 21, 2018

Will The Future Be Female ???

Females Are Outperforming Males On Every Educational Level, And That Has Staggering Implications For The Future Of Our Society

It is an uncomfortable truth that most educators simply do not want to talk about. Females are dramatically outperforming males on every educational level, and many are wondering what this means for our future. If men do not feel a strong sense of purpose and meaning, they can get into trouble really quickly. As I write this article, the vast majority of those that abuse drugs are men, the vast majority of those that commit violent crimes are men, and the vast majority of those that we put into prison are men. I began researching this article by looking into the fact that the labor participation rate for men has been declining for decades, but our problems run much deeper than that. Today, so many men feel lost. Millions of them don’t have a sense of direction, millions of them don’t have anything that really drives or motivates them, and millions of them are deeply depressed and greatly dissatisfied with life.

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When corporations and governments work together (and by the way, that's called fascism), they can accomplish just about anything. Clearly they are working together to crush men, and that's what will happen.

Their alleged motivation for this is to curb the growth of the human population. So far it's not working, but give them time.

Give them time.

Q: How many species consciously kill their own members on a global scale?

A: I'm guessing only one.

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