Sunday, June 24, 2018

Regime Change In Iran

Here is wisdom from Caitlin Johnstone:

Iran is a target for regime change for the exact same reasons its neighbors Iraq and Syria have been; it occupies and extremely strategically significant location in an oil-rich region that the US-centralized empire wants full control of. Thinking this one is different because its government isn’t secular is the product of many years of Islamophobic propaganda; the plutocrats and their allied intelligence and defense agencies don’t care what religion sits on top of their oil, and Saudi Arabia proves it. Any argument made against Iranian theocracy could be made even more strongly against KSA theocracy, but you don’t see Sean Hannity advocating the overthrow of the Saudi royals, do you?

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The war on Iran has several possible motivations:

  • To make rich oil men even richer,
  • To resolve the Shia-Sunni religious schism,
  • To support Israel's quest for regional supremacy, and
  • I'm sure you have some theories of your own.

Whatever the case, should we be supporting the overthrow of the Iranian government? I don't think so.

How about you?

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