Friday, June 1, 2018

Is Google A Bigger Liar Than Facebook ???

It sure seems that way:

Following the revelation in March that Google had secretly signed an agreement with the Pentagon to provide cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology for drone warfare, the company faced an internal revolt. About a dozen Google employees have resigned in protest and thousands have signed a petition calling for an end to the contract. The endeavor, code-named Project Maven by the military, is designed to help drone operators recognize images captured on the battlefield.

Google has sought to quash the internal dissent in conversations with employees. Diane Greene, the chief executive of Google’s cloud business unit, speaking at a company town hall meeting following the revelations, claimed that the contract was “only” for $9 million, according to the New York Times, a relatively minor project for such a large company.

Internal company emails obtained by The Intercept tell a different story. The September emails show that Google’s business development arm expected the military drone artificial intelligence revenue to ramp up from an initial $15 million to an eventual $250 million per year.

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The real danger here is not just that Google and Facebook may be lying to everyone, it's that the false portrayals of their AI research may be masking some incredibly dangerous technology.

What the hell are these companies really doing, and if it poses a threat to We the People why do we have no voice in the matter?

Some may claim that Congress is our voice, but any reasonable assessment will find they gave up on representing us LONG ago. Prostitutes work for their johns, not for us.

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  1. Coupled with military advances like this, AI research suggests that Skynet and "terminators" cannot be far off: