Wednesday, June 6, 2018

A Solution For Gender Equality ???

Women in Hollywood are whining about gender equality. Here is an example:

Here is my solution - I'm not going to watch ANY of the filth coming out of Hollywood. They all can pay each other out of their own pockets.

Plenty of people, male and female, are starving in this world, and I have no time to waste on greedy actresses who do NOTHING to eliminate that starvation.

And I'm not going to vote for them when they run for office, either.

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  1. And maybe the full solution to our gender problems is separation. Here's an example:

    Separate schools, separate jobs, perhaps men and women can live in separate buildings, etc. "Separate, but equal" of course.

    We've been there before, and like then everything happening now is based on hatred. And that is one of the key features of US life - there always seems to be someone or some group we love to hate.

    Dear World - Avoid us like the plague. There is nothing here worth emulating.