Monday, April 10, 2017

The Evil Of Selfishness

Here is an essay extolling "the virtue of selfishness", the so-called philosophy of Ayn Rand:

I read all her novels and many of her non-fiction works. I used to admire her.

No more. And why?

Take a look around - the world we live in, especially in the US, was crafted by her acolytes. It is mean, selfish, and uncaring. It pretends to be intelligent, but it's based on the law of the jungle; the survival of the fittest, those who create and produce intellectual property. The rest of us are just parasites, useless eaters.

It's anti-christian, even atheistic.

Yes, the rich someday will escape to Mars, leaving the rest of us behind to die. And thanks to Ayn Rand, they'll feel good about it.

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