Saturday, April 8, 2017

Russia Has Deciphered Trump

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has fiercely rebuked U.S. President Donald Trump for authorizing airstrikes against a government airbase in Syria ...:

“That’s it. The last of the campaign fog has disappeared. Instead of the theory he disseminated about working together to fight the main enemy - ISIS, the Islamic State - the Trump administration has proved that it will viciously fight the legitimate government of Syria - in blatant violation of the norms of international law, without the approval of the UN, violating [the United States’] own procedures establishing the need to notify Congress about any military operation that isn’t tied to an attack on the U.S., and on the verge of a conflict with Russia.

“No one exaggerates the value of campaign promises, but there are nonetheless the bounds of decency. Beyond them is absolute distrust. What’s really sad here is our completely ruined relationship. And this, of course, only encourages the terrorists.

“And furthermore the U.S. president has proved with his military action both his lack of originality and his extreme dependence on the opinion of the Washington establishment, which sharply criticized the new president’s inauguration speech. Immediately after his election, I knew everything would depend on how quickly the existing machine could crush Trump’s campaign promises. It took two and a half months ...”

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In the US campaign promises are not legally binding. But Trump's flagrant disregard of ALL of his major promises clearly demonstrates to me that the US "electoral process" is a joke. It does not matter what the people want. The military-industrial-banking-information complex gets its way ... and that's that.

What truly amazes me is how the suckers always believe the US is willing to work with them until it's too late. Examples abound:

  • American Indians
  • People of color
  • Palestinians
  • The UN
  • and now Russia

Liars gotta lie. Robbers gotta steal. Killers gotta kill. The wicked will always be wicked. This particular leopard will NEVER change its spots. Please stop believing that it will.

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  1. By the way, those of you who think that what Trump does in Syria has nothing to do with you are wrong. What the US is doing to the world (lawless behavior such as seizing of territory and wealth) is EXACTLY what police and the IRS are now doing to you and your neighbors:

    The chickens came home to roost a LONG time ago.