Friday, April 7, 2017

Is Hillary Our ACTUAL President ???

Was the strike on Syria Hillary's idea?

With Russian warships now moving towards U.S. Navy Destroyers off the Syrian coast, liberal supporters of Hillary Clinton are freaking out about the possibility of a Trumpmaggedon nuclear war.

Before pointing fingers at President Trump, however, it is important to note that just hours before Trump launched missile strikes against Syrian airfield targets it was none other than Hillary Clinton herself who said she would have done the same thing:

  • Speaking to the New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof, Mrs Clinton said she believed the US had been wrong not to have previously launched such an offensive.
  • She said: “Assad had an air force, and that air force is the cause of most of the civilian deaths, as we have seen over the years and as we saw again in the last few days.”
  • “And I really believe that we should have and still should take out his airfields and prevent him from being able to use them to bomb innocent people and drop Sarin gas on them.“

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So far Trump has accomplished NOTHING except for the issuance of many executive orders. And now "his" foreign and military policies have become EXACTLY the same as Hillary's.

Is Hillary our ACTUAL president? It sure looks that way to me. The neocons who have taken over the NSC seem to be more under her influence than under his.

Donald, you're a spineless wuss. I will shed no tears should you be impeached.


  1. Trump's former backers now realize what a hypocrite he is:

  2. It looks like Michael Savage agrees with me:

    "This whole thing stinks to high heaven,' said Savage. Furthering his criticism of the President, Savage proclaimed: "It looks like Hillary, deep state won, and Trump is doing her bidding."

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