Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Feeling Sorry For The Air Force ???

Should we be worried about this?

Growing readiness woes: Only 7 in 10 Air Force planes are ready to fly

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Frankly I don't give a damn. Here's why:

(1) On 9/11, the Air Force didn't do anything to protect us. In fact, they appear to have facilitated the attacks.

(2) The majority of the AF planes which do fly mainly kill innocent civilians, and I want that to stop.

(3) If it's North Korea that we're now worried about, we could have had peace with them years ago for little or no cost. You can read about it here:


(4) The Pentagon cannot account for $10 trillion they already have spent, and now they want more money because their planes can't even fly? Give me a break !!!

In a former life I spent some time in the US military (AF, Army, and Navy), so I'm aware of their concerns. But I have some news for you, boys and girls, the world is changing - and organizations which do not provide a decent return on investment are being dismantled. Perhaps it's past time for us to realize that we no longer need this huge military establishment which continually asks for more and more money, but which delivers neither peace nor security in return for what we give them.

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