Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Depravity Reigns In NYC

There was plenty to make Timothy Cardinal Dolan blush at the Met on Monday — and that was even before some of the world’s sexiest stars strutted their bodice-busting “Sunday best’’ on the red carpet.

A leather bondage mask draped in rosary beads, a jeweled bustier with its gems strategically placed and a fuschia gown inspired by cardinals’ robes — with a neckline that left its mannequin’s breasts mostly exposed — were all part of the Catholic-themed fashion exhibit at the Met Gala, and Dolan had already gotten a sneak preview of the collection.

“You may be asking what is the church doing, why is the church part of all of this?’’ Dolan acknowledged to reporters during a morning press conference, hours before he was set to attend the racy fashion bash.

“You may be asking, what is the cardinal archbishop of New York doing here? I asked that when I was invited several months ago,’’ he said jokingly.

“But think about it just for a moment. It’s because the church and the Catholic imagination — the theme of this exhibit — are all about three things: truth, goodness and beauty. That’s why we’re into things such as art, culture, music, literature and, yes, even fashion.’’

The event’s honorary chairs were Rihanna, Amal Clooney, and Donatella Versace.

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This shows how out of touch with Jesus the Catholic Church in America has become. The cardinal should have been outside protesting these abominations and conducting an exorcism.

But it all makes perfect sense:
  • Egypt is where Pharaoh is.
  • Babylon is where the Harlot is.
  • Rome is where the Pit is.

The only place where all three of these can be found together is New York City.

And once you understand that, you should know what the United States of America has become - Satan's Kingdom.

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  1. Cardinal Dolan should be removed from office and defrocked for sponsoring this affront to G-d and the church: