Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Syria's Children Starving To Death

Bara should weigh 7kg - but he is just half that.

His ribs can be seen protruding from the skin on his tiny chest, and he's been without a proper supply of milk for months. 

At a makeshift clinic in the the eastern countryside of Syria's Hama province, an area controlled by opposition forces trying to depose President Bashar al-Assad, volunteer medics are trying everything to save the seven-month-old's life.

But with his body extremely weak and frail owing to long-term exposure to malnutrition, they say he will probably die.

Hundreds of deaths have been reported from preventable causes in the area, and medics say there are around 40 children in a similarly perilous condition to Bara.

Aid hardly reaches Hama, and when it does finally get through, products to treat hunger and malnutrition - such as peanut butter paste supplements - are not suitable for toddlers and babies.

"One of the reasons for malnutrition is that children are given goat's milk," Mohammed Motair, a paediatrician in Hama, told Al Jazeera. 

As the fighting rages on around them, almost five million Syrians are not getting enough food, water or medicine, according to UNICEF.

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This morning I shopped at a big box grocery store which was packed to the rafters with nutritious food. None of if will be going to Syria, but my tax dollars will be used in part to continue the destruction of that sovereign nation.

Syria's children are starving because of Hillary Clinton's boot-licking support of Israel.

And if you recall, Iraq's children also were starved because of her "husband's" obsequious support of Israel.

Are you going to let these two murderers back into the White House so they can kill even MORE children for the benefit of Israel and the global ruling class?

If you do, you are nuts !!!

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