Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Hillary's Thyroid Issue

Hillary allegedly is hypothyroid. So are a lot of other people; I am one of them.

Here is one recent statement about her condition:

But for the 10 percent of patients who don't find relief from their symptoms, doctors often prescribe a combination hormone therapy such as Armour Thyroid, which uses the T3 and T4 hormones for a more effective medication.

"Armour Thyroid ... is a good preparation, but we don't use it that much because most patients are happy with levothyroxine," Gharib said. "The theory is that one hormone may not be enough; two is better."

You can read the rest @

I have been a thyroid patient for over 30 years. I can attest from personal experience that Dr. Gharib's statement is ABSURD. Ten percent of thyroid patients are NOT on Armour Thyroid.

I searched high and low for a doctor who would prescribe Armour Thyroid. I never found one.

I searched high and low for a pharmacy which sells Armour Thyroid. I have never found one of those, either.

If it's even true, it's amazing that Hillary is taking Armour Thyroid. Doing so implies she is being treating by physician(s) from the Stone Age.

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