Friday, August 19, 2016

Is Germany In Denial ???

According to this report in The Jerusalem Post, Germans are not yet afraid enough of terrorism. Here is an excerpt:

“Germany’s in a state of denial,” Broder said over tea at a café near the ritzy Ku’damm street, sprinkling the conversation with the blunt, incisive descriptions for which he is famous. He clarified that “Germany” refers to the government, intellectual elites, and the mainstream media. “The rank and file are totally different. The rank and file are always considered to be a little bit stupid, uneducated – how you say? – retarded. They’re not.”

He believes the “rank and file,” i.e. “regular” Germans, reject what he believes is the establishment’s deliberate downplaying of the terror threat and its links to radical Islam.

“It’s like minutes after the Titanic hit the iceberg,” Broder said. “They try to maintain the good mood and the orchestra is still playing.”

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Seeking to counter this hysteria, I asked my barber what she thought of the Muslim "invasion" of Germany. She is a German native from Rothenburg who regularly visits her homeland and was there only three weeks ago. I would say she belongs to "the rank and file" to which Mr. Broder refers.

According to her, Germans are doing quite well. She saw no evidence of a Muslim presence, witnessed no terror attacks, and knew no Germans who were worried about this issue.

So, are she, her family, and her friends in denial, or once again are Israelis trying to whip up hysteria to counter the Europeans who believe the Palestinians deserve to be treated better?

I believe my barber, who has no reason to lie.

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