Monday, August 29, 2016

Free Speech Severely Restricted By US Colleges

If you haven’t been following higher education news, you may not be aware that this sort of thing is happening on college campuses all over America.

Schools are designating certain areas as “free speech zones” and in some cases even restricting those areas to certain times of day.

Before you get too angry at the administrator in this video, remember that he wasn’t the one who created this policy, he’s just charged with the awful task of enforcing it.

These ridiculous policies are created by higher level administrators in closed meetings.

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I received an MSc degree from Clemson in the 90s. Back then the Gideon Society would come to the campus to distribute Holy Bibles once a year. I wonder if they have been restricted, too.

"Free speech zones"? When I was born, the entire USA was a free speech zone. Now it is little better than Nazi Germany. The only thing missing is concentration camps, but we are certain to see them too someday.

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