Sunday, August 28, 2016

Bezos Wants More Cheap Labor

Jeff Bezos’ Editorial Board at the Washington Post is complaining that there aren’t enough Americans who want to work low-end jobs, so the government needs to import more foreign replacements.

“Typically the [immigrants] do jobs — tending crops, washing dishes, mowing lawns — that native-born Americans do not want,” the Post claimed.

The Post’s authors are so out of touch they don’t realize that Americans have willingly done those jobs for more than 300 years, and that millions of Americans have gone on a virtual strike because low-end wages are already too low nationwide.

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So, 95 million of us already are out of work ... and the solution is to import more cheap labor?

Q: Does Bezos support Hillary or Trump?

A: You know the answer.

America's billionaires don't have enough money. They want to be trillionaires.

So far, immigrants are cheaper to hire than robots. But when that changes, Bezos and his ilk will drop their human labor like hot potatoes.

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  1. By the way, isn't Bezos violating the law of supply and demand? If workers are scarce, wages should rise to attract them ... right?