Thursday, August 18, 2016

Human Sacrifice At CERN ???

A video appears to show some sort of sacrificial ritual at CERN, site of the Large Hadron Collider:

This chilling mysterious video shows a group of 'researchers' at the CERN Large Hadron Collider staging a chilling 'satanic human sacrifice' ritual.

The footage shows a group of cloaked men gathering in a courtyard around a statue at the facility in Geneva, Switzerland.

But CERN has declared that the video is fake, and claims that the ritual was simply researchers and scientists coming to work at the facility 'taking their sense of humour too far.'

The facility is home to the world’s largest and most powerful particle accelerator, known as the Large Hadron Collider.

Its aim is to allow physicists to test the predictions of different theories of particle physics.

You can read the rest and see stills from the video @

So, they want to "test the predictions of different theories"?

Some of those theories predict the existence of alternate universes and doorways to them. Perhaps this ritual was intended to enlist the help of some demon in an attempt to open such a doorway.

Scientists are weirdos, too, and many of them profess to be "atheists". Might some of them also be "satanists"? It would not surprise me if they were. It is human nature to worship something.

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