Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Rome Vs. The Taliban

Here is some of the latest news from Afghanistan:

More than a hundred U.S. troops were sent to Lashkar Gah, Afghanistan on Monday to continue fighting the Taliban, in the first deployment of forces to the area since the drawdown in 2014 - offering another signal that the U.S. military presence there is expanding, not decreasing, as President Barack Obama has promised.

The Guardian reports:

"Since late July, the Taliban have seized new territory across Helmand, defying a series of about 30 U.S. airstrikes, and raising concern of an attack on the capital. The militants have also stepped up attacks in the country’s north, closing in on Kunduz, which they briefly captured last year."

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Almighty Rome, the greatest power of its time, was not able to crush early Christianity. Eventually the Romans became Christians themselves.

And now almighty America, perhaps the greatest power of all time, is not able to crush the Taliban. Does this mean that eventually we shall become Muslims? Based on birthrates, there is a darn good chance of that happening.

So tell me, why are we spending all this money on a losing cause?

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