Thursday, August 25, 2016

Nostradamus, Hiƒter, and Mabus

Nostradamus is said to have predicted the rise of three "Antichrists", named PAU NAY LORON, HIƒTER, and MABUS, respectively. You can read about his predictions here:

The first is said to have been Napoleon.

Many think the second was Adolf Hitler. However, there is a "Hiƒter" walking the earth right now - General Hiƒter of Libya. You can read about him here:

There also is a prominent "Mabus" among the living - US Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus. You can read about him here:

I am not convinced that General Hiƒter and Secretary Mabus are the Antichrists predicted by Nostradamus, but I am saying we should reassess these prophecies in light of current events. Both General Hiƒter and Secretary Mabus currently are in positions which would allow them to affect world history in a manner very similar to what Nostradamus saw.

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