Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The war on whistleblowers: is it a holy war?

Yesterday I watched the video War on Whistleblowers. It is definitely worth your time. If you would like to see it send me your address, and I will mail it to you (first come, first served).

Both the nature and scope of NSA snooping has been in the public domain since the beginning (i.e., right after 9/11). Thomas Drake, who is in the video, was one of the first to spill the beans.

But no one cared until now. Why?

I suspect that the powers that be (including our "buddies" the Israelis) are putting the squeeze on Obama ad-Dajjal to do their bidding in the Middle East. Syria, Lebanon, and Iran are still on the seven nation hit list and must be destroyed:

Why? Possibly for the needs of Greater Israel.

And if THAT should be the case, why are we promoting a Kingdom of God? And if we are, why is it not the Christian version of a theocracy?

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