Thursday, January 31, 2013

Why are we killing them?

This latest from Jacob Hornberger:

Let us pray that the government stop engaging in this horrific, sinful conduct and that it stop using the troops in this horrible way. Let us pray that God gives the president, the Pentagon, and the CIA the wisdom to stop what they are doing, withdraw from Yemen, and bring the troops home without killing one more person.

Amen! But I think it will take more than God's wisdom to turn these people around. He'll have to intervene Himself if His will is to be done on Earth as it is in Heaven. [I wonder, how many of the clowns mentioned above recite the Lord's Prayer with their children and have no intention of ever carrying out its commandments?]

I think we should also consider one more thing about the killings. Is it possible that Obama ad-Dajjal is killing people who know who he really is? Perhaps we should compare where he has lived and what he has done to whom he is killing. He does imitate Hitler in all things, and one of the things Hitler did after coming to power was to remove all evidence of his early life, including his homosexuality and pederasty. Is Obama ad-Dajjal doing something similar, perhaps erasing evidence of a former life as a jihadist?

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