Wednesday, January 16, 2013

More on gun control (or should that be "moron gun control"?)

Here is the best statement I have yet to read about the issue of “gun control” in America:

To believe that one of the greatest sources of violence in the world today [the United States government] should be trusted to solve the problem of gun violence in America is to believe in self-contradictory statements which immolate themselves on a gigantic pyre of the most ridiculous, asinine, ludicrous notions ever imagined in the malformed, grotesque, nonfunctioning brains of the dumbest animal that has ever existed. Anyone who believes that gun control -- gun control devised and implemented by a brutal, endlessly violent, systematically murderous State -- will even begin to solve the problem of violent death in and by America is a fucking idiot. Moreover, to believe that the man [Obama ad-Dajjal] who has lovingly embraced the principle of mass murder, and who proudly and repeatedly declares to the world that he is a serial murderer dedicated to continuing his murders into the indefinite future, targeting an ever-increasing number of victims, is sincerely devoted to ending even a single aspect of the problem of violence is so colossally, stupendously stupid that it defies accurate description.

–Arthur Silber


Arthur may sound bitter at times, but I sincerely believe he's on the right track.

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