Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The human plague

Sir Richard Attenborough says we are a "plague":


As I suggested in my 1/16/2013 blog post "Should we trust the one percent?", if we cannot control ourselves the ruling class is going to have us killed.

Human activities are (supposedly) the most important causes of climate change. Could it be that Obama ad-Dajjal's promise to combat climate change is actually a promise to start killing us?

It's certainly possible: this is a man who already has a "kill list" and who clearly is a servant of the ruling class.

By the way, the recent ascendancy of matriarchy has nothing to do with a desire for gender "equality". It's based on the belief that if women are in charge, the human birth rate will go down. The ruling class does not give a shit if there is a "glass ceiling", they just don't want the great unwashed masses shitting in their cereal bowl. That's also why America is on a crusade against Islam, whose followers have one of the highest birth rates in the world.

Considering all that, it's reasonable to believe that "climate change" is just a fairy tale concocted to give the ruling class another excuse to rein us in and kill us. Think about it: it certainly makes sense.

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