Monday, May 7, 2018

We Don't Need Another Fleet

Russia’s military spending has been declining in recent years, and is expected to shrink even more in the next few years. Despite this, the US seems to have no problem using Russia as an excuse to keep justifying more military spending. The latest move, from the US Navy, is to form an entire new naval fleet.

The US Second Fleet was dismantled in 2011, both to save money and because there is realistically no need for them. This fleet, which is responsible for the US East Coast and the northern Atlantic, is making a comeback, with Navy officials claiming a “great power competition” against Russia.

Even a cursory examination shows this is nonsense.

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I agree with Mr. Ditz.

And all we're doing is putting more potential targets in harm's way.

Maybe the Navy has been told to create another Pearl Harbor type incident to enrage the US public. If that happens, I'm not falling for it. Nor will I be happy to be forced to pay for another unnecessary military buildup.

Give peace a chance. We'll all live longer if we do.

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  1. By the way, it's likely this new fleet is intended for use in the upcoming war with Iran. The possibility Russia also may be involved is just a sidebar.