Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Should We Celebrate John McCain's Death ???

That is what Caitlin Johnstone recommends:

I say it is the duty of everyone who opposes acts of mass military slaughter for power and profit to cheer loudly and unapologetically when John McCain dies.

We should all celebrate McCain’s death. Not in a spirit of vengeance for the lives his relentless warmongering has helped end. Nor because his death may save innocent lives, though that possibility is surely an added perk. No, we should celebrate the end of McCain’s despicable life first and foremost to prevent such bloodthirsty depravity from being normalized, or worse, immortalized as heroism.

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I am not going to celebrate ANYONE's death.

But I'm not going to celebrate John McCain's life, either. He was a high priest of war, and we don't need any more stinking war.


By the way, here is a Christian pastor's advice to McCain. It's well worth reading:


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