Monday, May 7, 2018

Academics In Service Of The Empire

Here are some interesting revelations from Professor James Petras:

Over the past half-century, I have been engaged in research, lectured and worked with social movements and leftist governments in Latin America. I interviewed US officials and think tanks in Washington and New York. I have written scores of books, hundreds of professional articles and presented numerous papers at professional meetings.

In the course, of my activity I have discovered that many academics frequently engage in what government officials dub ‘de-briefing’! Academics meet and discuss their field-work, data collection, research finding, observations and personal contacts over lunch at the Embassy with US government officials or in Washington with State Department officials.

US government officials look forward to these ‘debriefings”; the academic provided useful access to information which they otherwise could not obtain from paid, intelligence agents or local collaborators.

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They may be "unpaid", but they are otherwise rewarded for their assistance.

And they get to go back to their comfortable homes, while the victims of their "de-briefings" often wind up in shallow graves.

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