Thursday, January 18, 2018

US Civil War Has Many Fronts

Face it - a second civil war is underway in the United States.

And what is it about? The powers that be are attacking We The People and our constitutional form of government. They want something else, something "new", a government in which THEY have all the power and in which the "outdated" ideas of freedom and civil rights embodied in the US Constitution and common law are replaced by whatever it is THEY want.

This civil war had its beginnings in the National Security Act of 1947. It expanded as if on steroids following the 9/11 attacks and their related state of emergency declared by President George W. Bush, a state of emergency which has been renewed annually ever since. Some say that "continuity of government" measures are now in place, measures which effectively override our constitution. Few people can know for certain whether that is true, since We The People don't have a high enough "security clearance" to be told what "our" government has been and is doing. But the signs are everywhere, and they seem quite ominous:

(1) A former president openly seeks to disrupt the agenda of the sitting president through the potentially seditious actions of his group "Organizing For Action". You can read about it here:

(2) The MSM attacks and mocks the president and his policies on a 24/7 basis.

(3) Hollywood and social media mock the president mercilessly and seem to urge the use of violence to remove him from office.

(4) On an almost daily basis, police and sheriff deputies around the country shoot, injure, and/or kill We The People, often for ridiculous reasons (or for no reason), and are hardly ever punished for it.

(5) Public school systems use violent coercive measures against our children, often sending them to jail for the commission of harmless pranks.

(6) University professors are compiling "hit lists" of those whom they disapprove and sharing those lists with potentially violent gang-like organizations. You can read one such example here:

All these and more appear to me to be fronts in the on-going US civil war. And what are We The People doing in response to these often violent outrages? NOTHING ... absolutely nothing.

Read the US Bill of Rights. There you will find the tools The Founders gave us to preserve our freedoms and curb our government's lust for power. But guess what? Just about each and every one of those tools has been rendered useless. Where does that leave us?

Long ago, a famous US naval officer gave this response when he was asked to surrender:

"I have not yet begun to fight!"

Like him, We The People haven't begun to fight either. But we had better find a way soon, a NONVIOLENT way, to fight back on all these many fronts, or our cause is doomed.

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