Friday, July 8, 2016

Europe Is Full Of Empty Houses

“Our country is full” is a statement you might often hear as a justification for not accepting any more migrants and refugees. According to this opinion, European countries do not have capacity to accept more newcomers, who put pressure on infrastructure - and especially housing. But when we look more closely, can it really be said that Europe is full?

According to data from the censuses conducted across Europe in 2011, there are at least 15.8 million verified empty homes in Europe; in other words, there are enough empty homes in Europe to house all the asylum seekers that arrived in Europe last year, and all of Europe’s 4 million homeless people, several times over.

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I will bet you a similar situation exists in the US - plenty of empty houses, perhaps enough to house all the "homeless". But most of the homeless also are "jobless"; no money = no houses for them. So sorry!

And that, dear reader, is due to the heartlessness of the twin concepts of "private property" and "capitalism" which many of you seem to love.

Profits over people. Life to the rich, death to the poor. The American "way of life".

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