Thursday, July 14, 2016

Would Trump Presidency Actually SAVE Corporate America ???

Here is a fascinating, contrarian point of view about the 2016 elections:

The Establishment in America, for at least 30 years, has thrashed the Constitution, violated their own laws they created, and created a real Oligarchy, banana republic style. It coincides in parallel with other significant social trends, such as the demise of the Mafia, and the rise of the robots. To someone like a Clinton, it's not what you know - but who you know. Well, that works in College or maybe to get into a Golf Club but it's no way to run a country. Like with any Oligarchy, it is the job of the Oligarchs to allow the system to flourish, and not to take too much bribes for themselves, because it becomes like a cancer, and finally the host dies. The masses who are unemployed have a strong argument to the Establishment - you're not doing a good job running our economy because there are unemployed people (i.e., ME). But you have your fancy haircuts and private jets and so on, so let's get rid of all of you! That's the idea of voting for Trump. True or not, he's seen as the anti-Establishment candidate. The Elite have created such a mess this year, whether by purpose or not is irrelevant; the only thing that can save Corporation USA is a Trump Presidency. It's not as if Trump will save us from anything, and certainly he is self-serving. But he's a businessman, and really the only thing that can keep Corporation America ticking is a businessman. Probably, he doesn't even know the good he'll do in the White House until he gets there. Simple things can go a long way - such as a trade deal with Russia. Developing Thorium nuclear reactors. And most importantly, de-polarizing the population to pre-crisis levels, when we are 'all Americans.' Trump can do all this and more without even knowing it. We need a self-serving Hitler like dictator to run America's fascist enterprise. It's just good for business. The stock market can double. QE will become QEEEEEE. Because the alternative is disaster (and no businessman wants to file bankruptcy). When Trump realizes that Corporation America can actually turn a profit, he'll cut taxes and at the same time double the size of entitlements, all paid for with a massive budgetary surplus, coupled with a strong dollar and finally 10% interest rates. Whoa! There's just so much opportunity out there, when you look from this perspective, economically speaking.

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I don't agree with much of this (e.g., "self-serving Hitler like dictator to run America's fascist enterprise" describes Hillary, not Trump), but it is a cool take on what is happening and what might happen.

And I definitely agree on the author's perception (much like Dr. Ron Paul) that the US is coming apart unless something very different gets injected into our body politic. Could that be Trumpism? We'll soon know.

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