Sunday, July 17, 2016

A Tale About The Mistake By The Lake

I'm not sure why the RNC chose Cleveland for their 2016 political convention. I wouldn't have.

This is the place that in the 1970s - when the city was in default and a quarter of its population was moving out - embraced the slogan "Cleveland: You Gotta Be Tough."

Tough is a good way to describe Cleveland's east side, where blacks from the South filled industrial jobs and settled during and after World War II. It's now marked by high crime and abandoned factories. Over half the children live in poverty.

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I graduated from CWRU during the period mentioned above. The campus bordered the East Side, and I may have been one of the few students who regularly walked through the war zone it represented even back then.

Those factories are abandoned because of the economic policies of the people Hillary represents. But the problem started long before she became prominent.

As a student I worked at a small fleabag motel on the far East Side. A little old man was staying there, and every day he would come down to the office and talk to me. I later had reason to suspect he was a book for some criminal organization. I didn't pry - messing with the Mayfield Road Mob was never a good idea.

Anyway, during one of our discussions he revealed that the powers that be had decided to move all the heavy industry out of Cleveland. He made this prediction while the steel mills were still blasting and the Cuyahoga River was burning, and everything he said later came true.

I have never believed that the deindustrialization of the US happened because of "free market" forces. The deep state and their corporate backers WANTED to move industry offshore, so they MADE it happen. It wasn't forced on them; they forced it on us.

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