Tuesday, July 19, 2016

British PM Would Use Nuclear Weapons

In one of the first high profile parliamentary debates since she took over the premiership last week, British PM Theresa May today insisted she would have no hesitation in ordering nuclear strikes abroad that would kill hundreds of thousands of civilians.

The somewhat blunt, somewhat genocidal answer appears to have been the right one for the crowd, as it wasn’t long thereafter that parliament agreed to spend upward of $40 billion modernizing their nuclear weapons arsenal. Many analysts have suggested that the $40 billion is a gross underestimate, and the nukes will end up costing far more.

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This is one more piece of evidence there is no real difference between patriarchy and matriarchy. We The People are screwed no matter who is in charge.

By the way, the Brits allow consumption of alcohol on their nuclear submarines. I visited one once, and the torpedo room was littered with empty beer kegs. Do you want potentially drunk sailors roaming your oceans with a load of nuclear missiles? I don't.

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