Wednesday, July 13, 2016

License To Kill In Afghanistan

And the beating goes on and on and on:

During a surprise visit to Afghanistan today, Secretary of Defense Ash Carter touted the massive expansion of the rule of engagement for US forces in the country, saying they will allow for “more efficient” support of the Afghan government in fighting the Taliban.

The previous rules, which nominally marked the end of the Afghan War, restricted active US operations in Afghanistan, but mounting losses to the Taliban has left the insurgency with more land than any time since the 2001 US invasion, leading to the escalation.

New US commander in Afghanistan Gen. Nicholson confirmed Carter’s comments, and said the new authority was used far more often than the Pentagon had previously admitted, insisting that troops used the authority “almost daily.”

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"The authority" = a license to kill.

Q: Before WE attacked THEM, what did these people ever do to us?

A: NOTHING !!! They merely asked us to do what every sovereign nation has the right and obligation to do - they asked for proof of guilt before turning over a fugitive (in this case, Osama bin Laden). There was no proof, they didn't hand him over, and we attacked them.

Of course, they also refused to let us build pipelines through their country, which also was their right to do.

Our "war" in Afghanistan is the kind of aggressive war for which the Nazis were hanged after the Nuremberg trials.

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