Friday, July 8, 2016

What Connects Hillary To The Cop Shootings ???

Hillary and the cop shootings are connected by a single concept - IMPUNITY.

The FBI recently refused to recommend charges for someone who obviously broke multiple federal laws - Hillary Clinton. She was granted impunity.

This came not long after a judge set free two of the officers charged in the Freddy Gray killing. They also were granted impunity.

And how many other deaths and crimes attributed to police and members of the US corporate and political establishments have gone unpunished? The list is almost endless, and most are further examples of impunity.

The peasants are beginning to realize the US has a two-tiered "justice" (sic) system - death or life in prison for those at the bottom, and absolute impunity for those at the top. Oh, it's always been this way, but smart phones and the Internet are shoving it in our faces in an unprecedented real time manner.

I'm not suggesting that ANY of these crimes are justified, but it should be clear to everyone there is no real justice in the US. And that fact obviously bothers some people very much.

And if this situation does not change, I would not be surprised to see a continuation, or perhaps even an escalation, in the level of mayhem in our daily lives.

So, do you want all this to end? Then fire FBI Director Comey, impeach AG Lynch, and put Hillary in jail. That would certainly be a good start, and anything less is an insult to We The People.

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