Thursday, March 31, 2016

Yet Another US Sponsored Massacre Of Children

The US is sponsoring yet another endless war of starvation:

A new report from UNICEF marking the one-year anniversary of the Saudi war against Yemen details the massive toll the war, and the ongoing naval blockade of Yemen, is inflicting on Yemeni children.

The report estimates some 320,000 children are facing severe, life-threatening malnutrition, and that 82% of the Yemeni population is now reliant on humanitarian aid. Before the war, Yemen imported approximately 90% of its food.

Though the Saudi-led naval blockade, which the US has participated in, was intended to stop weapons shipments, the protracted delays for all delivery ships has shipping companies avoiding accepting Yemen-bound cargo.

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Does this not remind you of the following claim by Madeleine Albright?

We pay a two-fold price for our participation in such atrocities:

1. The destruction of our morality, and

2. The inevitable blowback such atrocities create.

It may have been "worth it" to Ms. Albright, but is this a price We The People are willing to pay? I think not.

Q: Doesn't what is now happening in Yemen suggest it was the Saudis who ultimately were behind the starvation of Iraq's children?

A: The facts would seem to confirm such a hypothesis.

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