Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Bill And Hill - Two Peas In A Pod

Here's the latest from the land of those who hate Hillary:

Even having a child was a political calculation for Hillary Clinton, one of Bill Clinton’s former lovers says — and it’s those types of actions that she believes should give every woman pause before making Hillary the first female president.

Miller, who had a three-month affair with then Gov. Bill Clinton in 1983, recently shared with The American Mirror some of the intimate secrets Bill told her, including that even having a child was a political calculation for the current Democratic front runner for president.

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Doesn't that remind you of Bill Clinton, who said he didn't want to be a draft dodger because it would hurt his political career?

Do you really want another President whose every decision is based upon how it looks in the media? I don't.

I want a President whose outlook is "Fix America First", no matter what the whores in the media think or say.

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