Tuesday, March 29, 2016

A New Low For US Law Enforcement ???

Almost every day, US cops and deputies are caught doing some very nasty stuff. Here's another example:

An investigation into the brutal beating of man in San Francisco’s Mission District has been launched by the Alameda County Sheriff after video showing the savage assault by police went public.

Pulling no punches, Public Defender Jeff Adachi said the encounter was “reminiscent of Rodney King,” and excessive force was clearly used by the two deputies. But excessive force is only part of their problem.

The video was released by the San Francisco Public Defender’s Office, after being contacted by witnesses to the vicious attack. Now, some of those witnesses have come forward with claims that the cops bribed them not to say anything and that the deputies took a “trophy photo” of their victim, Stanislav Petrov.

You can read the rest and watch the video @

Whatever happened to "protect and serve"?

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