Thursday, February 4, 2016

NFL Bobbleheads

This op-ed appears in The New York Times today:

In late 1982, I was watching the heavyweight championship fight between Larry Holmes and Randall Cobb, known as Tex, on television. Even though I was a longtime fan of pretty much every sport, I was appalled by the ceaseless violence that the referee permitted to be inflicted on Cobb. As a pathologist who had autopsied hundreds of people, I knew the kind of damage the fight could be causing. I wasn’t the only one horrified by the spectacle: Howard Cosell, who was calling the fight, asked, “I wonder if that referee understands that he is constructing an advertisement for the abolition of the very sport that he’s a part of?”

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Is the campaign to undermine the NFL (and the sport of football in general) gaining support because we really care about the health of our athletes, or is it due to the desire to remove everything masculine from our rapidly fading patriarchal society?

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