Thursday, February 4, 2016

It Now Takes A Bigger Village

Parents, beware — Big Brother is coming for your kids. Buried deep inside the mammoth “bipartisan” so-called “education” legislation approved last month, dubbed the “Every Student Succeeds Act” (ESSA), is a radical expansion of what the statute refers to as “full-service community schools.” The controversial institutions, more accurately described as parental replacement centers, seek to oversee every aspect of your child's life, ranging from their “mental health” and “well being” to nutrition and even dentistry. You are in the crosshairs, too, as the Obama administration defines parents as “equal partners” in child rearing. And those are just some of the many unconstitutional provisions in the bill and beyond that aim to turn government schools into parents, and parents into pariahs.

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Your children are not yours anymore. They haven't been for quite a while.

In my lifetime we have witnessed the destruction of the so-called traditional family, a radical redefinition of the institution of marriage, the takeover of our schools, the reinvention of our language, the hijacking of our children, and the slow demise of our patriarchal society. 

Have you benefited from any of this? I don't think I have.

But the growing market state certainly has.

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