Thursday, February 11, 2016

Just What Does The Clinton Foundation Do ???

This puff piece makes some highfalutin claims:

Today, the Clinton Foundation is unlike anything else in the history of the nation and, perhaps, the world: It is a global philanthropic empire run by a former U.S. president and closely affiliated with a potential future president, with the audacious goal of solving some of the world’s most vexing problems by bringing together the wealthiest, glitziest and most powerful people from every part of the planet.

You can read the rest of the claims about it @

But exactly what has this foundation done? The poor are still poor, the sick are still sick, the homeless are still homeless ... but the Clintons now have $2 billion at their disposal.

Wealthy, glitzy, powerful people only solve their problems. The rest of us are on our own.

In fact, it would be fair to say that many of the world's problems exist because of their accumulation of wealth, glitz, and power.

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