Thursday, February 11, 2016

Is US Leading Saudi Arabia Down The Kuwaiti Road ???

Back in 1990 when Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait the state of the Iraqi dictator’s mind was both paranoid and desperate.  The once American supported leader at some point felt he would have the blessings of the US administration in his regional adventures.  The controversy surrounding US Ambassador April Glaspie’s comments to Saddam regarding having no interest in Iraq’s border dispute with Kuwait, and her later vindication by the release of a memo, is somewhat irrelevant as Saddam obviously felt the support was there.  Whether through direct and straightforward communication or through trickery.

Once Iraq invaded Kuwait the Western press mobilized and a massive propaganda campaign against Saddam Hussein commenced.  The once American ally was isolated on the world stage and suffered one of the worst military defeats in the history of warfare.

The interesting parallels between 1990 Iraq and 2016 Saudi Arabia are unlikely to be coincidental.  Both have militaries which were built with American equipment and support.  Both were used by American interests to counter Iranian regional ambitions.  Both supported the sale of their domestically produced crude exports in US dollars.

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There's something strange going on here, and it sure looks like another big war is in the making.

Oil is in the process of becoming irrelevant to the world's economy. Once that happens, Saudi Arabia is just another heap of sand.

And if you look at the map of "Greater Israel", a large part of it is land which now belongs to the House of Saud:

Are we helping Israel get their hooks into it? That would be my prediction.

If the House of Saud falls, the kingdom will be looted. And its greatest prize may fall into the wrong hands:

You can read about its significance here:

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