Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Are Three-Parent Babies Ethical ???

Would it be ethical for scientists to try to create babies that have genetic material from three different people? An influential panel of experts has concluded the answer could be yes.

The 12-member panel, assembled by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine, released a 164-page report Wednesday outlining a plan for how scientists could ethically pursue the controversial research.

"The committee concludes that it is ethically permissible" to conduct such experiments, the report says, but then goes on to detail a long list of conditions that would have to be met first.

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Let's face it - anything can be "ethical" if the right people say it is.

Here are some other things which at one time or another have been declared "ethical" in the US:

1. Exterminating American Indians

2. Enslaving Africans

3. Using atomic weapons against defenseless people in Japan

4. Human experimentation

5. Torture

6. The greatest maldistribution of wealth in history

7. Spying on the US population

Messing with our genome is a bad idea, in spite of what any panel of "ethicists" may say. Someday we shall learn that the hard way.

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