Monday, July 11, 2016

A Matriarchal Triumvirate ???

*Germany - Angela Merkel is Chancellor

*UK - Theresa May will be PM on Wednesday

*US - Hillary Clinton is likely to be President next year

And four women are in the running to be UN Secretary General. You can read about it here:

There is a global move afoot to change from patriarchy to matriarchy. Corporations and the deep state are behind this move, and it shall succeed whether or not it is what We The People want.

Trump may or may not win, but even if he does it will be a mere speed bump on the road to where we are headed.

My view is that we shall be no better or worse off than we were under patriarchy, mainly because it is the very same banks and corporations who are now supporting women who once were supporting the male thugs who used to rule us.

If you don't agree, please show me your proof. I'd like to see it.

Update - Here is another author stating much the same thing:

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