Sunday, February 7, 2016

Nixon's Tapes vs. Hillary's Transcripts

Hillary Clinton, who faces mounting pressure to release transcripts of her paid speeches, routinely demanded that a stenographer be present at her events so she could maintain a record of what she said.

At least four of Clinton’s contracts include a clause stating a transcript would be produced for Clinton and that the former secretary of state would own them and control their release, according to contracts obtained by McClatchy.

“The sponsor will transcribe Speaker’s remarks as they are being delivered, which should be solely for the Speaker’s records,” according to her contract with the University of Buffalo, which paid her $275,000.

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If you recall, Nixon's tape recordings of his conversations led to his downfall.

I would guess that CIA, DHS, FBI, and/or NSA possess recordings of all of Hillary's speeches. If they do, could a lawsuit force them to be released to the public? I don't see why not.

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