Thursday, February 11, 2016

Cops Kill Another Black Teenager

An unarmed Black teenager was shot dead Monday by an Austin, Texas, police officer, who was clearly told by a 911 dispatcher that the young man was not armed, state officials confirmed Tuesday.

Another issue that is surfacing regarding the shooting is the fact that all Austin police officers are equipped with tasers, while officials have not yet wanted to speculate why it was not used in this case.

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And here is a report from the local newspaper:

I live about seven miles from where David Joseph was killed. The neighborhood is similar to the one in which Michael Brown was killed by police in Ferguson, MO, and other circumstances also appear to be similar (e.g., claiming that David "charged at the officer").

WARNING: Austin police carry both firearms and tasers. Apparently the guns are for Blacks, while the tasers are only to be used on whites (if used at all).

By the way, Texas is now an "open carry" state, but how could a naked man conceal a weapon anyway?

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