Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The Party Is Over

Our team has chosen to place 2016 under the sign of a “general strategic retreat”, affecting all levels of social organization, starting of course with the national levels, but not only.

This retreat (or fallback) will not yet represent in 2016 the end of the global mobility, of the international exchanges or of the internet, and the world will still be a global village this year. Nevertheless, we will see walls getting built, regulations being imposed, flows getting controlled, armies strengthened, markets fragmented … all this not on an international basis, since the failure of the global governance reform is striking, but on the basis of the only available political entities on the market: nation states, religious and ethnic groups, certain supra-national organizations and the local level.

It is the end of the great global orgy; everyone goes home … with a severe hangover.

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Many analysts are predicting a "hard landing". Are any of the US presidential candidates up to the task of dealing with it in a manner that benefits We The People? THAT is the question we all should be asking them.

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