Friday, January 29, 2016

More MSM Mendacity Towards Trump ???

Two days ago, the US mainstream media (MSM) reported that Wounded Warrior Project allegedly is squandering the money they raised, spending lavishly on themselves instead of helping veterans. You can read some of the accusations here:

Last night during the Donald Trump veterans event broadcast on CNN, the camera view I saw showed a man wearing a highly visible Wounded Warrior Project logo. It was the only such logo I noticed during the part of the broadcast I watched.

Q: Did CNN arrange to have that logo visible in the hope the bad publicity the charity had just received would rub off on Trump?

Q: Is it coincidence the Wounded Warrior Project investigation was first broadcast right after Trump announced he would not attend the latest Republican debate, but would instead host an event for veterans?

Q: Is this yet another example of the MSM interfering with the US political process?

The powers that be (TPTB) want the US to have open borders. The additional people they allow access to our economy are destabilizing the US nation state. Eventually our nation will be destroyed, we all will be serfs, and TPTB will own and/or control everything which used to be ours.

You can read more about the shenanigans of TPTB here:

Trump may be a clown, but he seems to be the ONLY presidential candidate who actually threatens to support the interests of We The People by protecting our borders if elected.

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