Thursday, January 28, 2016

Is Facebook Imposing A Global Morality ???

According to this report, some have accused Facebook of imposing their morality on the global commons (e.g., the Internet):

For Facebook and other platforms like it, incidents such as the bullfighting kerfuffle betray a larger, existential difficulty: How can you possibly impose a single moral framework on a vast and varying patchwork of global communities?

If you ask Facebook this question, the social-media behemoth will deny doing any such thing. Facebook says its community standards are inert, universal, agnostic to place and time. The site doesn’t advance any worldview, it claims, besides the non-controversial opinion that people should “connect” online.

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You can believe Facebook's claims, or you can make your own decision about what is happening. I suggest you consult an expert such as George Orwell before making up your mind:

Orwell said that language makes humans easy to control - control their language and you control the people. A simple example of that notion was brought home to me one day when I was talking to a young Chinese woman who told me that her dialect had no word that matched the English word for privacy. Privacy was a concept her parents didn’t understand. So there was no such thing as privacy in her parents' house. After living in America for a number of years, it drove this young woman crazy to go back to China and not have the privacy she had gotten used to. There was no lock on her bedroom door. When she put a table in front of the door so she could be alone, her mother came unglued and accused her of being an unloving daughter. America had ruined her.

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Whether or not Facebook intends to control global language, thought, and/or morality, their unique position in the social media universe makes some such influence inevitable. And since apparently no one controls Facebook except its owners and executives, the responsibility for what happens is theirs.

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