Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Israel Accuses Turkey Of Supporting ISIS

Israel's defense minister said on Tuesday that Islamic State militants had been funded with "Turkish money", an assertion that could hinder attempts to mend fences between the two countries after years of estrangement.

"It's up to Turkey, the Turkish government, the Turkish leadership, to decide whether they want to be part of any kind of cooperation to fight terrorism. This is not the case so far," Moshe Yaalon told reporters in Athens.

"As you know, Daesh (Islamic State) enjoyed Turkish money for oil for a very, very long period of time. I hope that it will be ended," Yaalon, a right-wing former armed forces chief, told reporters after meeting his Greek counterpart, Panos Kammenos.

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Is this another example of the fallout from US diplomacy?

1. To get Turkey's support, we allow them to kill Kurds and fund ISIS?

2. To get Saudi Arabia's support, we allow them to destroy Yemen?

3. To procure weapons for our terrorists in Syria, we destroy Libya, murder its leader, and allow our own ambassador to be killed?

The "diplomats" responsible for such things should be fired. The military persons who participated in them should be publicly shamed.

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