Friday, April 25, 2014

Will Russia Strike Back At NATO ???

Following Standard & Poor's downgrade of Russia to BBB-status, Putin's adviser Sergei Glazyev has proposed a plan of 15 measures to protect Russia’s economy if further sanctions are applied, including the following:
  • Russia should withdraw all assets, accounts in dollars, euros from NATO countries to neutral ones
  • Russia should start selling NATO member sovereign bonds before Russia’s foreign-currency accounts are frozen
  • Central bank should reduce dollar assets, sell sovereign bonds of countries that support sanctions
  • Russia should limit commercial banks’ FX assets to prevent speculation on ruble, capital outflows
  • Central bank should increase money supply so that state cos., banks may refinance foreign loans
  • Russia should use national currencies in trade with customs Union members, other non-dollar, non-euro partners

If this becomes a more serious escalation in the BRICS vs. US economic war, does anyone think the US will win this time? Or did Obama ad-Dajjal just put all of our necks into a noose?

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