Sunday, April 22, 2018

Still Lying About OKC Bombing

Here is some of the latest gibberish about the so-called "white power movement":

Portraying the Oklahoma City bombing particularly as the work of one, or a few actors worked to totally erase what the country had understood about white power violence before that event. One of the misconceptions is that Timothy McVeigh acted alone or with a few conspirators. But McVeigh - a simple social geography of Timothy McVeigh shows that he was involved in this movement for years before the bombing. So this points to a motivated and ideologically framed attack.

You can read the rest of this BS @

Once again we seem to be ignoring the reality of what happened in OKC, which is that Tim McVeigh was part of an operation orchestrated by the US military, apparently with FBI help (Operation PATCON?), to discredit the militia movement. Any theory which ignores this is crap.

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