Sunday, April 29, 2018

A World Without Facebook ???

It is whispered in dark corners, at conventions with names like Consensus and TokenFest, that there is a secret tunnel in that wall, a fundamental flaw. That Facebook’s advantage of massive scale could melt away if faced by the dark magic of decentralization, wherein users own their own data, encrypted by them, stored in the location of their choice, shared only as and when they explicitly approve, while they connect peer-to-peer with interactions mediated and paid for via a tokenized protocol, across an armada of nodes running - yep, you guessed it - some sort of blockchain.

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Works for me. But this will never happen. Why not, you ask?

The US government has always wanted warrantless access to ALL of our data. They enabled and promoted the ascendancy of Facebook and Google to get us to trade our data for empty promises, and in return these private surveillance companies willingly shared it ... for a price, of course.

It was all done "legally". And when they told us we have no expectation of privacy, we bought it.

We really are "dumb f-cks".

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