Saturday, April 28, 2018

Old Europe Is Dying Out

Europe’s native population is not just aging, it is disappearing. The political and financial establishments rely on false official projections. Despite the UN Population Division prognoses that fertility rates will soon rebound to replacement rates, such a phenomenon is nowhere to be seen. In all European countries native populations have extremely low fertility and they are in full decline, and there are no signs that this will change anytime soon. Whatever official statisticians try to make you believe, an increase in fertility and the growth of populations in countries like France, the UK and Sweden is 100% migration related. These are non-refutable facts: plain mathematics. For now about 50% of the migrants in Western Europe come from Central Europe, however that will not be the case for long. Gefira is one of the few research groups that have the capacity to do our own computer-based projections and our findings are disturbing.

Population in Poland has been and certainly will be decreasing because of the low fertility rate (1,36 in 2016) and long-lasting emigration. The Polish state-run Central Statistical Office (GUS) predicted such situation but its forecasts include not only emigration but also immigration mainly from Ukraine and even with people moving to Poland the situation does not look good. The Gefira calculations, excluding migration, forecast 30 million native Poles in 2050 and 13,5 million in 2100.

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Something similar is happening to the US. The "white" population is dying out and being replaced with "non-white" immigrants.

Is this a natural phenomenon or an engineered one? I go with the latter alternative, but whatever the case it is real.

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